Search multiple online commerce platforms from a single interface


Collate and refine results to surface counterfeit or infringing content


Send multiple take down notices to enforce and protect your online brand

Dynamic Filtering

Filter auctions, websites and social media profiles in real-time to quickly identify infringing content. Create and save custom filter conditions to minimise the time spent reviewing results.


Watchdog extracts geo-location data from content where possible. Plot results based upon their physical location. Location data is determined from multiple sources, including online profiles, IP Addresses and WHOIS results.


Use a wide range of visualisations to view captured results. Visualisations can surface popular content and keywords, migration of product across the globe, plus identify large quantity sellers.


Watchdog associates multiple online seller profiles across different platforms. By extracting contact details such as telephone numbers, postcodes and IP addresses, Watchdog is able to alert you to sellers with multiple online personas.